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Plastic bag kite

Filed Under: kids, recreation, seasonal, Crafts, staying green

flying a kiteKids love kites and the kids in all of us loves kites too. Have you ever tried to make your own kite? Without proper instructions it can be difficult. I remember trying to make my own kite as a kid and being a miserable failure. It probably had something to do with the fact that I was using poster board and sticks from the tree in the front yard but hey, I was trying.

WikiHow has a fun make your own kite project using the much more flyable plastic grocery bag. While its not the world's most attractive kite it does seem to be very functional. Granted, I haven't done this one personally so if it doesn't work I can't help you. This does seem to be a fun project to try with your kids and a way to get them out of the house away from TV and video games for a time.

If you decide to try this let me know how it works. I'd love to know that there is yet another use for the ever present plastic shopping bag.



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