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football fieldOne of the greatest traditions ever to take root from a sporting event, would be the football tailgate party. Every Saturday and Sunday from August through December, you'll find hearty souls brightening the parking lots surrounding football stadiums nation wide. These rowdy, spirit filled people gather their friends and families to enjoy the best of food, drink and sportsmanship, all prepared and presented in classic American style. For most people it's not just a matter of grilled food preparation, gallons of beer and a foam #1 finger to wave. When you come right down to it, football tailgate parties genuinely provide that sense of neighborhood, community and goodwill that the majority of us still crave.

Throwing a successful tailgate party is not at all difficult. In fact, this checklist from will get you well on your way. One of the most important things is to get everyone who will be attending the party involved in the preparation because building team spirit is what the event is all about. Divide the project into it's basic components of food, drink, equipment, entertainment, decorations, seating and other special needs. Ask everyone to pitch in and give everyone a copy of the checklist which has been prepared by the group. You will find that with an operational framework, the preparation can be nearly as much fun as the event itself. The more you involve the group in preparation, the more appreciation each individual will have for the experience. A little bit of teamwork and some attention to detail will help make your tailgate party a lot more fun!

Go Packers !!!



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