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framed handmade paperDo you love the look of graphic patterns hung as artwork? It adds a contemporary twist to any decor, and if you find the right pattern, it will easily spruce up a tired room.

You can easily replicate the look at home, framed or not, for a fraction of the price.

How, you ask?

To make it the most affordable, use handmade paper. Cut your paper to the size of an affordable frame, and frame it as you would any other artwork, as I did in this photo.

You can also get the look of expensive patterned material stretched on canvas using handmade paper. Simply wrap the paper around a budget-conscious frame -- it can be ugly for this -- and staple it to the back. Just be careful to fold the corners neatly. Looks just like it is stretched on canvas, with a lot less work and money behind it.

You could also scour the clearance racks at your local fabric store and see if you can get any bargains on patterned material and do the same with fabric.

How's that for a quick and cheap room pick-me-up?


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