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Punky kitty chart for fiber crafters

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Doubleknit Dead Kitty scarf by Arlette Thibodeau, at her Sucka SC knitblog, Arlette Thibodeau offers this awesome "Dead Kitty" chart to use in knitting and crochet projects.

The chart features a cat's head with crossbones, a play on the traditional skull and crossbones motif. Think of the irony of it, a cat, normally cute and cuddly, now the symbol of death, evil, or pirates. It is pretty funny if you think about it.

She designed it for a double-knit scarf (shown in photo), but you can use it for just about anything! Stuff made with this chart would make a great present for the punky teen girl in your life... even if that girl is you.


  • Nancy

    That is just stupid-- and cruel -- to equate kitties with death. How morbid. There are enough horror stories every day about peoples inhumane treatment of animals, cats included, so that is not necessary to associate cats with skull and crossbones.

  • M.E. Williams

    Well, first of all, I think that anyone who has a problem with the name of the chart should take that up with the creator over at her blog. I did not create or name this chart.

    Second of all, I didn't write the second half of the paragraph that begins, "Think about it..." We have editors here, and I had left this post a little too short. To me, skulls and crossbones are about punk rock and pop culture pirates (which are silly and fun, in contrast to violent and ruthless historical and modern-day actual pirates). Even historically, the Jolly Roger would have been used primarily to frighten people.

    Third, I am well aware of the problems cats face - I've had rescue cats for twenty years. Some people like this chart -because- they like cats, not because they "equate cats with death." The inference for me is "kitty pirate" or "cute but intimidating kitty."

    There's more than one way to look at something, but I think if you feel that this honestly advocates cruelty to animals, you're missing the creator's intention, and mine, and my editor's. It advocates kitties being -awesome-, and there's nothing wrong with that: just divergent definitions of "awesome," apparently. :)

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