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foyer benchHi, my name is Debbie, and I am a throw pillow addict. As much as I have tried to kick the habit, I love to mix patterns, colors, shapes and sizes to accentuate a room's style.

Sure, the multitudes of pillows on my couches leave guests uncomfortable, not knowing whether they should sit upon the voluminous stacks or subtlety remove some pillows and place them on the floor when no one is looking. But do I care? Nope, because my couches look great.

Seriously, I have refined my style and the amount of pillows as the years of home ownership have passed, but one thing that has remained is my lust for every luscious throw pillow that strikes my eye.

My latest lusty attractions? This pillow from Pottery Barn, and this one, too. I set out to combine the bordered look of the first one with the plant life of the second using the same sage green color for pillows for the bench in my foyer.
My first and last stop? The remnants table in my local fabric store. Hot deals and satisfying finds await you there, trust me.

I winged a pattern using ideas from Waverly's and About's sewing pillow sham tutorials, and my pillow shams took less than an hour to make.

Now, the pillows from Pottery Barn cost between 29.00 and 35.00, not too expensive really. But for less than an hour's work and only 4.55 in material, I think my DIY style gave me more than just unique pillows.

Have you tried making your own throw pillows?



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