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Setting a stylish table

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table settingLet's not pull any punches, folks. Setting a table is hard. Once you get beyond all of the etiquette stuff, like which fork goes where, there is style to consider.

Pottery Barn has saved us all, once again, from home decor embarrassment.

Not only can you learn, simply, how to set a formal and casual table at Pottery Barn's mini-tutorial, but they also have lists of special touches to really help make your table something special.

How about individual flower arrangements at every place? Or special music to set the mood of the party or event?

Be sure to click on the "more details" link on the Pottery Barn page to learn more about the integral pieces to a proper table setting. You can also print out this page for a handy reference guide.

Pottery Barn . . . where style and etiquette unite.


  • ahoier

    I read something at lifehacker, the small cylinders, I think the 25-disk spindles work good as bagel holders :) Though, of course you gotta deal with poking a hole through your salami/bologna/cheese/etc. for the spindle to go through :P lol.

  • Buttermaker

    I did a speech in the 6th grade on this topic.
    Simple rule:
    RIGHT, SPOON, KNIFE & GLASS all have 5 letters
    LEFT & FORK have 4 letters
    Other than that, its just a matter of arranging so that the outermost utensil is the next in line to be used according to what you're serving (i.e. Salad Fork on the outside, main course fork on the inside).
    Or you can just chuck all the silverware into a bucket in the middle of the table and dig out what you need when you need it.

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