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top 5 diy life features

Wondering what all these buttons and text do in DIY Life? Wonder no more! Let's take a look at our top 5 features... Be sure to check out our How to use DIY Life video as well.

1. Categories and Tags
You may access categories at the top of the page. Click on "Tech" and a drawer will open, revealing all the tech categories. By clicking on those words, like "electronics," you'll see a page with only posts in that specific category. This is nice when you just want to see posts about knitting, or drywall or robotics. Browse around!

The tags, on the right, a little further down, are words each blogger adds when they write a post. Think of them like keywords, and this list will change once in a while (unlike categories, which are hard-wired). Click on a tag, and you'll find posts with those tags-- even if they span multiple categories.

Keep reading to learn how you can see fresh, hourly updates by category or tag, how to leave comments, how to search the site, and what reference pages we have available (hint: see area 5 there).

2. RSS feeds based on categories

Don't know what RSS is? Check out our post (complete with video) on what RSS is, and how to use it. Back? Wonderful-- RSS is like radar, and you can tune your radar to the exact frequency you'd like to monitor. For example, taking any category URL, like you could add rss.xml at the end and you'd have a feed with only posts in that category. Try clicking on a tag, add the rss.xml after the slash, same thing. Custom tuned content, delivered hourly! Here's our example in full: - category feed for electronics - tag feed for tutorial


Want to leave a comment? Click on the comments link, and enter a valid email address, your name (or a clever, non-offensive pseudonym) and type your comment. Be sure to check the email you provided, and click the provided link to "activate" your comments. We love to hear from you, and we often carry on conversations with our readers. It's one of the true joys of blogging!

4. Search

Like everyone, we've got a little search tool doohickey. By default, it is set to search DIY Life, but you may also search the web, right from this one widget. Handy when categories or tags fail to find what you're looking for.

5. Reference pages
We know it can be hard to read DIY Life every day, and we're also aware some of our content might get buried over time. So we've created some custom pages for easy reference. These will change once in a while, so you might want to bookmark them. Still, those little banners on the right aren't ads, they are our DIY Life bloggers giving you the very best in DIY every day. We're just so proud of the content we decided to "promote" it every day.

Not too bad, was it? We really hope you enjoy reading DIY Life as much as we enjoy writing about this stuff. There are lots of other features on our pages too-- an "email this" link to send your friend a post. Click on a blogger's name to see all the posts by that person. And we love to hear from you, so check out the link at the top to send us a tip!

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