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When it comes to packing sandwiches, there all kinds of ecologically minded alternatives to baggies, foils, plastic and other disposable wraps. And they all have their drawbacks.

Those cool aluminum boxes, for instance, are kind of pricey. I'm a huge fan of traditional Indian tiffin carriers and Japanese bento boxes, but most don't provide a snug enough fit for a sandwich. There's always parchment paper, although it isn't exactly leak-proof. And while waxed paper bags that are "natural" (unbleached, non-toxic when incinerated, won't contaminate groundwater, etc.) are a convenient alternative, they aren't biodegradable -- and they're still disposable and therefore waste-generating. Most promising, there are high-tech food wraps that are edible, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and/or anti-microbial, but these aren't commercially available, as far as I know.

Oh, the agony!

I'd nearly given up when Jennifershmoo from Vegan Lunch Box turned me on to the Wrap-N-Mat, a reusable sandwich wrap made from a coated fabric that doubles as a placemat when it's unfolded. But the off-gassing smell she reports sounds more than just off-putting. Then along came one of her crafty readers to the rescue, suggesting a DIY version of the Wrap-N-Mat using PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric that you can purchase to sew your own cloth diapers (so it's supposed to be leak-proof and non-toxic). Something I'm definitely going to try.

Do you have any good sandwich wrap solutions?


  • Sean

    I have 4 of these, love 'em. They wash right up.

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