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One of my favorite autumn sights is when the pumpkins invade the grocery stores. I could easily do without the orange bags of Halloween candy in August, but once the pumpkins arrive I am happy as can be. There is something about seeing the bins filled with bright orange globes that takes me right back to childhood and makes me hope for the big night of trick-or-treating.

In my book bigger truly is better when it comes to pumpkins. Those stories of obscenely large fruits that are big enough to hold a child are my favorites. Now, most of the grocery store pumpkins never reach such proportions, but if you have a pumpkin patch of your own, you can easily encourage your fruits to reach greatness.

  • The first step to large pumpkins is to use seeds that produce large fruits. These are available at most gardening stores.
  • A well fertilized garden also makes for a great beginning for your pumpkin patch.
  • If you're still looking for a bigger product, pour some milk around the pumpkins for some extra nourishment.
  • But if this still isn't quite what you had in mind, and you are looking for the biggest pumpkin ever there is hope. Start by clearing all the smaller pumpkins off the vine and choosing the one you want to nurse to greatness.
  • Next get a bowl of milk and sugar and place it near the fruit. Then carefully make a small slit in the stem where the pumpkin is growing from the vine. Soak a cotton wick in the milk and sugar and insert one end in the slit and the other end in the milk and sugar mixture.
  • Keep the bowl filled with fresh mixture until your pumpkin reaches the desired size.
I have yet to try this, but a dear friend of mine has regaled me with her childhood memories of the giant pumpkins she and her father grew in their garden. She says that producing the monsters is a wonderful effort and makes for magical memories.


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