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Bottles of Elmer's glue, by Flickr user Imelda.Have you ever tried to glue two things together, and for some reason, they just wouldn't stick? Oh, you made sure the surfaces were clean. You even sanded them slightly where you wanted them to bond! But nothing seemed to work: you were using the wrong glue for the job.

Enter This To That. This website exists entirely to tell you which glue is a good product to use to stick one specific thing to another specific thing. If it has limitations, it's that there are only eleven substances on the "this" and "that" lists, but those combinations should get you through most applications. And it's nice to know that the editors of the site consider the toxicity of a glue before they recommend it.

If you can't find the information you need by using the site the regular way, check the This To That FAQ; they might have the answer there. This should get you up and running for your home repair and craft projects, but it'll probably be just as helpful the next time your kid has to build a log cabin out of popsicle sticks.


  • Nicholas

    Danny Lipford just posted a great guide to glues.

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