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Hand-painted wine glasses

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wine glassesIf you told me that with a little work and a DIY'er attitude I could get classy, creative, and personal wedding favors for $1.50 each, I never would have believed you. Frugal Bride tells you how to do exactly that with their article on hand-painted wine glasses. These wine glasses make favors that the couple is proud to give and guests will keep and actually use for many years. The author here chose to keep with her rose theme and reflect her wedding colors. You can make your own variation on her design, or personalize them even further. The options are endless. Don't be afraid to bring your own style and personality to the glasses (your guests are there after all because they think that your style and personality is fabulous!).

The real savings is in your hunt for cheap wine glasses that aren't, well, cheap. The author here seems to have found a great deal with the Sociable by Libby brand which she found in a Wal-Mart store, and can also be found at Amazon.

Has anyone made these before? Making sure not to put these in the dishwasher seems to be the cardinal rule. Are there any other tips we should know about? I'm setting this idea aside and I'll pull it out closer to Christmas when I need a creative gift for my sister or a fresh take on a hostess gift.



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