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iPod car mounts on the cheap

Filed Under: cars and transportation, music

A couple of weeks ago I splurged on something I have been wanting for over a year, I bout an an iTrip for my car. Although I often fantasize about shopping, I rarely indulge. As a single mother of three kids there is always a pair of soccer cleats to buy or some sort of field trip fee to pay. But I must admit that one thing I really love is music and iPods. The music makers are sassy beyond words and the iPod accessories are nearly endless.

I am absolutely in love with our new iTrip. No more awful radio commercials and we get to listen to all of our favorite tunes. The only problem is that the unit tends to bounce around the front of the car and I worry my three year-old will somehow get a hold of it and make short work of my new toy. I looked at car mounts at Target, but I was not willing to pay the rice for them. I found a really cool car mount online that, luckily for us in our New Beetle, is very appropriate for VW's. It looks simple enough that even I can put it together. It also is rumored to be in the neighborhood of about $.50, a price range I can definitely get in tune with.



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