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We've mentioned Bug Labs before, and Engadget has regular updates, but this was too good and I had to share. Bug opened up their website to unveil a few of the hardware goodies you'll be able to plug together like the dreamiest LEGO set you ever imagined. The base of all this is an ARM processor with 128MB of RAM, wifi, USB, Ethernet and a tiny LCD with some buttons-- basically a nice little Linux computer. You can currently add a GPS, camera, touch-sensitive LCD or accelerometer to this base, but more items are coming soon, including a teleporter(?).

Of course, the hardware would be pretty useless without some software, but since it's Linux in the box, you can practically do as you wish. The hardware can be controlled via Java, but there are several other options, including an SDK code-named Dragonfly that'll provide a nifty interface for you codemonkeys out there.

The best part? They want beta testers willing to make this platform grow and flourish. Exciting times, as Bug has really opened the door to hardware that most hobbyists would have to spend a lot of time to get to talk to each other. I may need to dust off my anti-static wrist strap...



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