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bikeRiding your bike to work is something most people can do if they really want to. Not convinced? Scrambling for one of your handy excuses? Well, don't try any of those on The Naib, author of How To Ride Your Bike To Work. He's ready for you, with answers to all of your excuses partnered with compelling reasons to get up and go. There are all sorts of logistics that we let stand in our way, claiming our commute as one that simply can't be done. Here is a list of the common excuses The Naib writes about; check out his article for a convincing argument against each of these.

  1. "'s too dangerous."
  2. "But... it's too far to ride."
  3. "'s too cold/hot."
  4. "But... there are no bike lanes/trails."
  5. "But... where will I put my briefcase?"

Riding to work will relieve a bit of environmental stress while taking care of some of your own. Riding to work can be a great way to wake up your body and mind, getting the oxygen flowing for a successful day. Riding home can be a great way to decompress and can offer a bit of a break between work and home. Hopefully some of his reasons to ride help you gear up for your car-less commute. If you're a seasoned rider, share some of your tips. I'd love to hear any DIY briefcase racks or other things you did to make the ride easier.



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