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flowerAphids are those tiny, black, pear shaped bugs that coat the stem of your flowers and feed on your baby leaves. They are also sticky and hard to get rid of. If your garden is a place where the children play, or you'd just rather not use chemicals, there are some easy, effective and natural ways to rid your garden of aphids.

First, take a look at your garden regularly, picking off the few that you find and preventing or minimizing the problem as best you can. Introducing ladybugs or other good insects to your garden will help too. If the aphids do cover your plants, eHow has some steps to help you get rid of them. One of these is spraying them with a mixture of dish soap, oil and water. I tried this without the oil and it worked well. Healthy plants are less likely to have these problems, but sometimes it's hard to avoid. I hope this natural solution helps you get rid of your aphid infestation.


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