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two female clownsThere's a little known strategy for getting into places without paying the cover charge. It worked for people many years ago and I'm guessing that it would still work now. I think the trick to making it work these days is to be certain that you're attempting it at the right event.

What you need to do is to show up at your chosen event in a clown suit. Yep, show up at an outdoor concert dressed as a clown with full face makeup and a couple balloon animals and then go to the rear entrance where they let the vendors in and out. You have a fifty percent chance that you'll be able to walk in through the rear gate completely unmolested. After all, who pays any attention to a clown? If someone stops you, you're in the perfect position to say something about hoping you were scheduled to work and that you're looking for the promotions staff or supervisor. Sell yourself into the event. You're a clown for the day.

The angle is that when you get inside, you had better be walking around making people laugh and smile. When the security people walk by, if they catch you two or three times leaning against a picnic table and sucking a cold draft beer, they might get a little suspicious. Work the crowd, travel the grounds and be a clown. Chances are that you'll have more fun in a clown costume than you would have had otherwise!


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