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Clothing your naked camera

Filed Under: photography, sewing

camera bagCameras. They capture color, they capture you precious memories, they capture anything and everything you want them to. Where do you store this device that does so much for you? In the closet? In a drawer under who knows what? Maybe in a case that is black or gray and just plain boring.

Doesn't your camera deserve so much more than that? Shouldn't you keep it in something colorful to make it happy to take those pictures for you? The folks over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories think so, and so do I.

The Evil Scientists have created a tutorial to help you make your own camera case that your camera can be happy in. With step by step instructions and photos this tutorial makes the process quick and easy. There is also a downloadable pdf pattern to make things even easier.

The best part is that you can choose any colors you want for your super wonderful camera and keep it happy. That way it will be less likely to let you down in that crucial moment when baby takes her first steps and grandma would kill you if you don't get pictures.

[via Photojojo]


  • Francesca Clarke

    Great idea. I'll have to try this one. Thanks!

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