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Springloaded chopsticks

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chopsticksOur family loves going out for sushi. Our youngest usually eats with a fork, or more often than not, his hands. Our older one wants to eat with chopsticks but doesn't quite have the control yet. Typically, I tie an elastic around the ends so that he can easily pinch them together. This works well, but it doesn't really stay put, and you'll be readjusting every few bites.

Check out this cartoon which tells you how to make springloaded chopsticks. These chopsticks are perfect for tiny hands. All you need is a clothes pin and a pair of chopsticks. Attach the spring from the clothes pin to the chopsticks and your done. Basically, this turns your chopsticks into a pair of tweezers, making it much easier to pick up food. It's perfect for the child that is learning how to use chopsticks. Hopefully it makes the whole process a bit less frustrating, letting them enjoy the food and while mastering their chopstick skills.

While these modified chopsticks might be acceptable for the little ones, what about adults who are still learning proper way to eat with chopsticks? You're probably not going to bring these to a restaurant. If you're interested in learning chopstick usage, check out this post on How to Use Chopsticks in Seven Easy Steps.


  • Craash420

    It is quite acceptable to eat sushi with your fingers.

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