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Flat panel TVs are cool. I'm sure you've seen one before, either while you were walking through your local electronics store, or visiting that friend or relative who gets paid eight times more than you; and I bet you've found yourself imagining where you'd put your very own flat panel if you ever found the money to buy one. Well, do I have good news for you: turns out you can turn just about any good, working old TV into a slick flat panel unit with little more than a Sawzall and some spare wood.

Believe it or not, the TV you see above is a full-size, space-hogging CRT. "But where's the rest of the television," you ask? Continue reading to find out...

Turns out all you need to turn that bulky old clunker of a TV into a slick-looking flat panel is a little extra closet room! I bet your wheels are turning now, aren't they -- thinking up all the other cool things you could embed into your walls. I should warn you, however, that console TVs don't look quite as nice as the newer model televisions.

Other than that, the sky (and your available closet space) is the limit!

[via the always funny new shelton wet/dry, who are in no way to be considered hillbillies]

  • Lisa Hoover

    This is a simply hilarious post, Dan! I doubt that even I am adventurous enough to actually try it, but I love the idea. Now *that's thinking outside the box.

    And nice Photoshopping, FTW!


  • Nick

    This is completely disgusting ... and for actually trying it, I give the ingenious mind behind this cheapjack ploy a solid high five and money from my pocket.

    Well done, sir. I'm genuinely impressived by your follow-through.

  • Rafael Cortes

    This is nice...
    I remember my dad used to have something just like that... he made a fake wall with some decorative panels, and he had the component radio system (including the speakers), the TV set and the VHS inserted into the wall! Also he had decorative panel ceiling, an he ran speaker cables from that stereo in the living room to every public part of the house, and he controlled where to send the sound of the radio, or the TV with a selectable audio switch... It was amazing.
    But this was over 20 years ago, so maybe I saw it bigger or greater than it actually was... Still great though.

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