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You may not have known, but DIY Life is the upstart sister to big siblings like Engadget and Autoblog. Better yet, we're kin to the Joystiq network, which hosts a bunch of fantabulous "fanboy" sites like PSP Fanboy, Nintendo DS Fanboy and well, pretty much every game system out there (oh, and a little-known game called "World of Warcraft"). What follows are some of the DIY projects you'll find around the Joystiq network. Everything from quilts to hardcore electronics hacking is just a click away...

DIY projects from Joystiq
Including a Q*bert quilt, a set of Tetris bookshelves, and Tetris ice cubes

DIY projects from Nintendo Wii Fanboy

Includes a papercraft Link in his wolf form and several Wii sensor bars

DIY projects from Xbox 360 Fanboy
Pretty much all DIY arcade sticks, one of which is wireless

DIY projects from PSP Fanboy

Ever wondered how to fix your PSP's joystick? Wonder no more!

DIY projects from DS Fanboy
Lots of craft stuff, less geeky stuff. A reflection of the user base?

Sadly there are no PS3 Fanboy posts tagged DIY, which is just as well. Who can afford that thing? Apparently you can install Linux on the PS3, but why? TuxRacer really doesn't need a cell processor.


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