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Cabinet for 18

Do you know the American Girls? They're a family of dolls and related products. Each doll is a character created to represent a particular era in America's past, or a special girl from the present, and each doll has a set of meticulously detailed historical clothing, furniture, and accessories (not to mention books and movies) that you can buy. The 18" dolls have been a kiddie status symbol for the last two decades, so much so that Mattel eventually bought the entire concept from its original producer, Pleasant Company.

The thing is, American Girl stuff can get expensive. Some parents deal with this by buying genuine dolls, but picking up the accessories on eBay. Others buy everything the line has to offer, and still others buy similar, less-expensive dolls from stores like Target. The storage trunks for the American Girl dolls, sized to hold their beds and accessories and styled like a clothes chest from each doll's era, are some of the priciest items in the line, and may be the least interesting to kids who aren't completists. They mostly run between $159 and $175.

Instructables user WilyHacker has a solution to the storage trunk issue: why not build your own? From a common purchased white melamine storage cabinet, they have created a very viable unit for American Girls and similar dolls, perfectly sized to hold all of their furniture and accessories. Aside from the cabinet itself, you'll need some findings and a few power tools. If you don't have all the tools, you could have a lumber yard make any cuts you need, and maybe skip the step with a router and use L-brackets, painted white, to hold up the vertical divider.

Why would you want to build one? Well, maybe the name-brand storage trunk is way out of your budget, maybe it doesn't fit into the look of your kid's room, or maybe you'd rather spend the money on more accessories for the doll belonging to your own little American Girl. Any way you look at it, this is one sweet project.



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