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Find good, local organic food sources

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I never gave much thought to the food in our home until I had children. It was at that point, when I imagined their small digestive system processing chemicals and hormones, that I decided to eat better and feed my children in the healthiest way possible.

This effort has led much research on which brands truly are organic and where we can find the best food for our lifestyle. My family happens to live in an area where there are ample opportunities for healthy food choices. There are organic farms, farmer's markets and the local grocery stores cater to the organic food buying clientele. However, this might no be the case everywhere; I have traveled to various places with my children and had difficulties locating healthy foods. As a result I am always on the look out for good food sources wherever we happen to be. Following are a few ideas I have learned along the way to keep good food in our bellies:
  • Talk to the locals, if you are traveling, or your neighbors about where they shop. Word of mouth is often one of the best ways to determine whether or not something is a good idea. Locals can tell you if a market truly is organic or if it is economically priced.
  • Check out this web site to find out about farmer's markets in your area, or the area you happen to be traveling to.
  • Join a food co-op. This is a great way to learn about even more healthy food choices. Often the people running these organizations are dedicated to healthy eating and are more than willing to share their ideas and advice.
  • Community gardens are yet another way to get into the healthy food scene. Most towns have these and the participants are avid supporters of healthy living. The plots are often small, but if you decide to grow lettuce and your neighbor grows carrots, you can always trade.
  • Shop around. If you have more than one health food store in your area, check them all out and frequent the one with the best prices and the healthiest array of foods.
My favorite local source is a small farm that sells fresh goat milk, goat cheese, eggs and veggies. The farm does no advertising or farmer's markets, it is simply a word of mouth situation. The foods are all organic and priced well under the supermarket prices. Had I not thought to ask around for a good goat milk source, my youngest has a sensitive digestive system and this has proven to be the best milk for him, I would never have found this farm. Give it a try, ask around and do some research and be on your way to some good eats.



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