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If there's two things I know about us as humans, it's this: we all have valuables, and we all have a surplus of wall outlets. "But what about homeless people," you counter. "They have neither valuables NOR wall outlets." Well my argumentative friend, that's a good point, and to that I say, "how many homeless people do you think will read this post?" The answer, of course, is one, but luckily she's never been a fan of my writing, so we can safely continue with the assumption that no homeless people will ever see this incredibly important article.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah: how to hide your tiny stash inside a fake wall outlet. If you find yourself with an over-abundance of small valuables, as I often do when I happen across a handful of Dr. Pepper-flavored jelly beans, the best place to store them is somewhere close-by and out of sight (duh!).

This instructable
suggests using a non-wired electrical outlet for your hidden mini-vault, but I think it work even better with a cable outlet for two main reasons: 1) the coax plug would double as a little handle, making it easer to open and close your secret chamber, and 2) the guts of a coax cable outlet take up a lot less room than an electrical box.

So, next time you have a filthy, sweaty wad of Benjamins that you need to hide, give this little project a try... or, if you're looking for something a bit more secure, send me an e-mail and I'll gladly spend hold on to it for you.


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