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Paper shredder turn pasta maker

Filed Under: food, household hacks

ball of fresh pastaDo you have an old heavy duty paper shredder sitting around, the kind that can cut through credit cards and CD's? Why not turn it into a pasta maker? This is one of the more creative re-purposed machinery ideas I've found, and it is very simple. As the instructions stress, make sure you clean the old shredder really well before running any pasta through.

Here are the step by step instructions and pictures that will guide you through the transformation. Your Nonna may be horrified that you're using a paper shredder to cut the pasta. Impress her with some of these Italian pasta dough recipes. The detailed instructions and simple explanations will go a long way, especially if this is your first time making fresh pasta. She'll be won over by your culinary skills and probably even a little impressed with your resourcefulness.



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