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Monsterize your iPod Nano

Filed Under: audio and video, knitting and crochet

Sure your iPod Nano is cool and it brings you hours of listening pleasure. But is it quirky and dare I say it, cute? I know, I know, totally a girl thing to say but come on girls have iPods too (the pink one).

On the forums at Craftster one poster made a really fun and creative iPod Nano cover that transformed her music player into a very fun and, yes, cute monster. She includes a basic tutorial for the crochet pattern.

If I could crochet and if I had an iPod I would sooooo make this but since I can neither do nor have I'll leave that up to you. I personally think this is super cute and that the creator of it was very creative. If you make one of these be sure to warn your iPod that its about to be eaten by a warm and cuddly monster.


  • Andrea

    I love knitted ipod accessories! I especially love my pink headphone sleeves!! I get so many compliments on them!

  • Maureen Carter

    Thanks for the link! Those are truly cool!

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