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Washing your woollies well

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wool clothWe all know that wool is warm, nice to look at and nice to wear. It is not, however, nice to wash. Wool is easy to shrink, easy to let get moldy, and just plain easy to ruin. What is the answer to the wool washing woes?
has compiled a detailed tip list (imagine that) of how and how not to wash your lovely woollies. With tips ranging from water temperature to how to make sure you get it dry enough to prevent mildew, this list seems not only helpful but fairly extensive.

There are several tips on the best way to wash wool. Squish, don't squeeze or wring. Lukewarm to cool water is best, never hot. Our best household friend here at DIY Life, vinegar, even found its way into the wool friendly tips.

They also tell you what not to do. Did you know that baking soda could ruin wool? I didn't. Never use a hot iron, again, didn't know that and never, ever hang it dry or leave it to soak. From what I gathered these instructions are mostly referring to hand knit items.

Do you our lovely readers have any additional tips and ideas for washing wool? Or do any of you wool clueless reads, like myself, have any other questions? If so please leave your tip or question in the comments.



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