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Clean your house in 19 min. a day

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dirty sinkHow much time do you spend cleaning your house? I tend to neglect it for a few days then spend an entire afternoon scrubbing. The problem with my every few day strategy is that I never feel like the house is never really clean and I'm constantly playing catch-up. If you're in the same boat, check out this Keep It Clean Plan. They suggest that you put in just 19 min. each day and your house will keep it's clean fresh look. Here's the breakdown.

  • Kitchen - 4.5 min.
  • Bathroom - 2min.
  • Bedroom - 6.5 min
  • Family room, living room, foyer - 6 min.

You'll have to mix it up to fit with the size of your house and difficulty of each room, but it actually seems like pretty reasonable time allotments. This plan goes as far as to break down each room into smaller tasks. Prompting you on what to do in each room is a big help. Stressing the importance of a clean empty sink, they remind you that there are some key things you can do to create a clean impression quickly.

This article assumes that you are dealing with clutter as it happens. There is no allotment for putting away toys or dealing with the craft mess you've had out all week. Do you think your house can be cleaned in 19 minutes a day?


  • Kelli

    That’s great except for what if you have kids or second bathroom etc these all add extra time. And the 19min turns into an hour and an hours turn into more. And I am back to feeling overwhelmed!

  • Ann Jordan

    I have 4 toddlers. It's almost impossible to keep anything clean that they can reach. People say my house looks great for having 4 kids at home but I am never satisfied. I get tired of trying to keep up so some days go by without doing much more then dishes. Hopefully, this will get better as they become older and can help me out.

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