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Mamma don't allow no foggy ice in here

Filed Under: food, wedding, entertaining

Ice, you use it every day. It cools your drinks, soothes swollen ankles, keeps your lunch cold, is good for crunching and, oh, so much more. Ice is so common in fact that I bet you don't think about it much at all except for when your drink is warm. Even then it more of a where can I find some thing than, "How can I make this look better."

One person did think about that though and in this video they show us how. Filtered water and a way to boil it is all you need to make crystal clear ice. You may ask why you would need clear ice. I can think of a few occasions, dinner parties, bridal showers, garden luncheons, and any other "fancy" party. Check out the video below and see how to make the wonder that is clear ice.



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