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yummy sandwich pictureThe hunt has already begun for the coolest, most fun and interesting Halloween costumes. In my experience, the best costumes fall into two categories, either quite expensive or homemade. I recently came across instructions for creating a costume that will really turn heads because of its unique appeal.

The giant Halloween sandwich costume will take a little work to create but the results should be well worth the effort and the best part is that you can make it yourself.

  • Two large sheets of corrugated cardboard. These will be the outer faces.
  • Ample amount of 1-1/2 inch thick upholstery foam (or other) foam sheeting. The original design used about three sheets of foam at 3 feet by 8 feet dimensions.
  • Spray adhesive for foam and fabric.
  • Spray paint. The original blogger suggested: Cream, Black, Brown, Green, Yellow and Red.
  • Gaffers tape or duct tape
  • Black handkerchief
  • Wood for interior support. The original designer used paint stir sticks.
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Appropriate face mask(s) and safety glasses
  • Done in a day
  • The project basically goes like this: Draw your bread slice shape on the cardboard and cut it out, making it tall enough to span from your knees to about ten inches above the top of your head. You will need two of these.
  • Cut the foam in strips about 8 inches wide, paint them bread crust color and glue edgewise onto the cardboard to form the "thickness" of the bread.
  • Cut slabs of the foam about ten to twelve inches wide, in appropriate shapes and lengths to represent sliced meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Paint the slabs the proper colors, stack them and glue them flat along the edge of the crust. Be sure to leave the area where your legs will come out free from obstruction.
  • Attach wood supports to the interior face of the cardboard. Once the assembly is rigid enough, glue on the other bread slice after reinforcing that one also.
  • Use the duct tape or gaffers tape to make shoulder straps inside the sandwich. Have someone help you with placing the straps for a custom fit. Take all the time you need to insure the assembly is secure and comfortable.
  • In the original design, the builder used the black handkerchief to create eyebrows for the sandwich's face. By placing the fabric in one thickness over holes to be used for looking out of the costume, the wearer can see out but no one can see in.
I hope I have provided enough information that you now feel like going out to make yourself a sandwich. If this costume idea gets your Halloween juices flowing, just ooze over to see our friends at Instructables. There you can see step by step images of the project and a helpful video also. I have seen quite a few costume ideas in my time and I must say that by my humble standards, this one's a keeper!

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