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If you've got an idea that needs some advanced manufacturing techniques, Ponoko might be just what you've been looking for. This wine rack is a nice sample of what they can do. Each piece is cut by a powerful laser, and shipped flat. On arrival, you assemble it - just like one of those wooden dinosaur models.

For now, they're offering custom laser cutting for your product. If you want to get started, grab their download their making guide. To create your design, you'll need some vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator. You'll need to create a login, but then you'll have to wait a while - the site is getting so much traffic that the login page reports that it's too busy to me in... yet.


  • NicWA

    Hi Will. Cheers for the comments. We've had an amazing few days at TechCrunch 40 - and the result being that our site has been inundated with those wanting to join up, so apologies for the delay in being able to get a login! It's going to be an exciting few months ahead (let alone few years!) how cool is it going to be to see all the different 'things' that people want to create out there! Ponoko is going to be a blast for anyone wanting to either be creative, or get something pretty unique! Cheers, Nic.

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