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Re-stuff a teddy bear

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old teddy bearIf your child loves their stuffed animal, you know that it would be simply impossible to take that ratty old and under-stuffed toy, replace it with a new one and still survive. What's the solution? You'll have to do it yourself. You are Mom/Dad after all and you can fix anything, right? I wouldn't know where to start, until I found these clear instructions from WeeSandy at eHow. Here's a quick summary. If you need more details, she even diagrams a ladder stitch and problem solves little issues you might have along the way.


  • Teddy
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Needle
  • Strong thread, matching the bear's fur color
  • Sharp Scissors

Re-Stuffing Teddy

  1. Practice your ladder stitch on a piece of scrap fabric
  2. Clip a thread along the seam (unless there is already a hole) and open it enough to fit stuffing
  3. Stuff Teddy
  4. Use the ladder stitch to close the seam
  5. Slip Teddy back into your child's sleeping arms



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