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stair drawersWe are constantly looking for more storage. Trying to hack together anything we can to hide the overflow of shoes at the door, old winter jackets busting out of the hall closet, or extra bedding that doesn't fit in the linen closet. We are not alone in needing more storage. I never would have considered using the steps of my stairs as drawers, but it's a great idea. All that unused space so brilliantly discovered.

Based on Kaiden-Tansu, an old Japanese step chest used for storage and to hide from tax collectors, Unicraft joinery, an Australian based company brought us these stair drawers. Each stair transforms into a drawer, hugely increasing your storage space.

If you're building a staircase, consider adding in drawers for extra storage. I love projects that find another use for what would otherwise be wasted. In this case, it's space, and we could all use more space. Now your problem won't be where to cram all your shoes, but where to buy all the new shoes you'll need to fill the drawers.


  • Brenda

    I saw a similar idea in a magazine about small spaces, but it advocated cutting away the side wall underneath the stairs (assuming you have one in a convenient hallway, like the entryway) and installing little cubbies for stowing shoes. It looked really cool, too, and didn't rely on a whole new staircase. I haven't had the courage to try it yet, though!

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