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Incredibly Awesome DIY SpoilerWhile this is certainly a very easy DIY project, I beg of you, please don't do it. But if you do, please send us a photo so we can all point and laugh.

The project in question is, as you've probably guessed from the picture, creating a wooden spoiler for your car.

Now, not all wooden spoilers are bad. (Okay, stay with me here!) Years ago my dad raced sports racing cars, and he had one in particular that was very difficult to handle. Before shelling out for a wing, he decided to fabricate one out of plywood to see if it would make a difference. It made a huge difference, and he ended up being quite a bit faster with it. So much so, that he never did replace the plywood version with a real wing.

But the spoilers and wings we're talking about in this post aren't going to make anything faster in any imaginable way. I think they're intended to make these old beater cars look "cooler", but I sure hope the owners of those cars are in on the joke, because they just look completely ridiculous.

Scrolling through this gallery of wooden spoilers is a guilty pleasure like watching the first few episodes of a reality talent contest show (pick one - singing, dancing, random "talents") where the fun is more in watching how absolutely terrible people are than seeing people with actual talent.

In case after all of this you are still dead-set on making your own wooden spoiler for what can probably only be described as your "sweet ride", it appears to be pretty self-explanatory:
  1. Nail some two-by-fours together
  2. Bolt to your trunk
  3. Be incredibly awesomely cool



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