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Pirate Crafts

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Custom Pirate Queen Blythe Doll, by Flickr user PicaraDolls.

Did you know that today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day? Every year, I take this opportunity to call my dog a "scurvy bilge rat" while she barks for her breakfast, to say ARRRRRRRR! a lot, and, of course, to watch Certain Films Starring Johnny Depp.

Last year, I was hit with the inspiration to do a massive post on my personal craft blog, full of every pirate-related craft I could possibly find on the Internet. The focus was knitting, but I also looked at kids' crafts, model ships, beading, embroidery... you name it, and if it was out there, I tried to find it.

What I came up with was Craft Like A Pirate: more pirate craft links than you can shake a parrot at.* Many of these crafts are admittedly those with skull motifs, but there are also treasure chests, booty, striped items, and so on. A few that are close to my heart are the We Call Them Pirates hat, The Pirate Queen's Booty Bag, Jack Sparrow's Favorite Socks, and Yorick, a scarf with skull shapes on both ends.

Since then, I've turned up much more. Sail on through to the rest of the article to see what treasure awaits!

*Please don't shake parrots. It's a mean thing to do to the parrot, and besides, they will bite you.

Getting yer sea legs:

Ever since Long John Silver hobbled and threatened his way through Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island, a pirate hasn't been a pirate without an eye patch. You can find patterns for "Designer" eye patches for yourself, or Kitty eye patches for your unfortunate pets. (Don't feel too bad for your cat: I bought my dog an entire pirate costume last year. She sensibly refuses to wear it. If I put the little hat on her head, she knocks it off with her paw.)

If you're trying to look the piratical part, you'll need more than just an eye patch. Why not try this tutorial for Monkey Island-style pirate costumes? A Guybrush Threepwood is you! And you'll need something to defend your flagship, so try this Pirate Cannon. It's a working replica that fires pneumatically.

Or maybe you're looking for a way to incorporate pirates into your day, without necessarily dressing like a pirate yourself (I mean, it's Talk Like A Pirate, not Dress Like A Pirate). In that case, you can try changing a piñata from a baseball player to a pirate, or learning how to draw a cartoon pirate (video) . You might check out our article on amigurumi inspired by pop culture, in which you'll find the Dread Pirate Sam, who might look familiar.

If you'd rather have something edible, check out Crafty Crafty's great article on pirate-themed cakes. You'll be sailing the seven seas of sugar in no time!

People often post photos of their handmade pirate items on Flickr. I like this fabulous model ship, this pirate softie, these two pirate cakes, and this gorgeous customized "pirate queen" Blythe doll (which has also been used to illustrate this article). Check them out!

Kids' sites, for yer wee hearties:


Almost all of the patterns and tutorials I've covered up to this point are free, but if you don't mind spending a few dollars, there are some fun patterns on Etsy. If a pattern happens to be listed as "sold out," visit the creator's shop, where you can see if any more have been added.

There are also loads of jewelry and other pirate-themed creations on Etsy, so if you're interested in buying something handmade rather than making something yourself, do a search on "pirate." At this writing there are almost 2000 items. Some of them are otherwise-hard-to-find supplies.

Now you have all the in-depth information you need to navigate the vast seas of the Internet. So what are ye landlubbers waitin' for? Get crafting!



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