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Hot wheels - literally

Filed Under: backyard science, toys

hot wheels carMost DIY projects have some greater purpose; helping you do things by your own devices, faster, cheaper, and more creatively. This isn't going to fill any of those, but it is very cool and it will give you a 30 second thrill. The original rocket powered matchbox car inventor, kipkay, calculates that it travels 1800 scale miles per hour. You're sure to have a blast, but be careful.


  1. A10-PT model rockets
  2. 32 gage wire
  3. Coffee stirrer
  4. Glue
  5. Sharp knife
  6. String - 100 ft
  7. Race controller

Making your rocket powered car

  1. Wire the rocket to the car
  2. cut a grove in the bottom of the car
  3. Glue the coffee stirrer into the grove
  4. Feed the string through the coffee stirrer and stretch it out
  5. Use the race controller for ignition



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