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Tricks and tips for fun family photos

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laying aroundTaking photographs of people can be hard enough, but when you want to capture a family memory for eternity the pressure is really on.

Baby Center has gathered some tips from photographer moms that help take the mystery out of photographing your family.

I for one can speak to Tip #1, which suggests that when you have the kids say "cheese," you are asking for an unauthentic smile. When we ask Owen to smile, not only do we get to see all twenty of his pearly whites, but the rest of his face scrunches up into an uber-squint. Not a good look.

Another great tip that really works for us is to shoot many, many pictures, because the chances that you'll get a good one are better that way. And really, since most of us have gone digital these days, what have you got to lose?

Some other tips they have? Go for candids and non-smiling shots to capture the way your children really look, turn off the flash and use natural light sources whenever possible and a step-by-step on how to get more natural looking photos.

Taking great photos of your family doesn't have to be stressful. So strap on that camera, go have some fun with your kids and take some pictures while you are at it. You are bound to get some great shots.



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