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DIY disasters

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Building Blocks, a UK site for local builders, claims that 200,000 people man with saw
are injured, and 70,000 people die each year in DIY related accidents. A surprising 40% of people attempt all building projects themselves, despite their lack of skill or knowledge. These mistakes, which are often fixed by professional contractors, come at huge expense.

This same site, posted this list of their top 5 DIY disasters. If you're a bit squeamish, you might avoid a couple of these stories. This small sampling of DIY mishaps show how a DIY attitude, when it isn't paired with some serious skill, can land you in some serious trouble.

We are certainly not included in this group, right? We are the true DIY group, the ones who actually take the project from start to finish without calling in back up, or calling an ambulance. Well, I suspect that isn't entirely true. Sometimes the keenest DIY'er is the one who ends up overestimating his/her abilities. What job do you never attempt yourself? What's your biggest DIY catastrophe?


  • James


    Thanks for the link! We have some other funny stories about plasterboard and people knocking through walls, I think us Brits might be worse, there is a really intense DIY culture over here, where people feel they should at least 'give it a try' before asking in the pros. Although I do agree with you, not all DIYers are that clumsy, and some are very skilled!

    James, Fun Editor,

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