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When I was young and perky I never understood why older women lamented so about their front sides. I used to think, "What's the big deal? A breast is a breast is a breast. Get over it." Ah, but I was young and naive.

Now that I am older, on the down slide to 40, and have birthed and nursed three children I feel vastly different about my front side. I look at those young girls and wish I had it all back. As that is not going to happen I now yearn for the next best thing, not surgery, but a bra that fits just right.

Finding the right bra can be quite a feat. It is no fun at all to be pinched by an under wire gone wrong or to glimpse your back side in the mirror only to be confronted with rolls oozing out from your bra straps.

On the flip side, the right bra can make your day and make you feel 17 all over again. Following are a few tips on how to go about finding just the right receptacle for your figure.

  • Keep in mind that location is everything when wearing a bra. The best place for your breasts to be are halfway between your shoulders and elbows. This might come as a big surprise for many women who believe that higher is better. Going higher on your back will only throw off your bra and encourage discomfort and a wrong fit.
  • Beware of cup size. If you are spilling out of your cups, go up a cup size. If you have dimples, go down a cup size.
  • Back fat is not indicative of a bra that is too small, quite the opposite is true. If you have back fat your bra is too big! Simply recall tip number one, try a bra lower on your back in a small bandwidth and this will eliminate unsightly fat rolls on your back.
  • Straps are not sexy. If you have a strap dipping down out of your shirt you should go down a size.
  • Don't take it all on by yourself. many department stores or lingerie stores ar happy to assist you in finding just the right bra for your figure. So, don't be shy. Ask for some help and have some fun with it!



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