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Make Soap with Wooden Soap Molds

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Make your own soap easily by crafting a wooden soap mold.

soap moldWhen my father hears, "Woodworking project," he comes a-running, so I am lucky to have all the soap molds a girl could ever ask for. But if you love to make cold processed soaps and haven't figured out a good mold, you may want to try to build one yourself.

North Country Mercantile posts their ideas for making wooden soap molds, which are very similar to the ones my dad makes for me.

Need more details than North Mercantile gives? Try the directions for a Mitre Box soap mold at About, or RJ's instructions for making wooden soap molds.

The best thing about making your own molds? You can make them any size you'd like, based on the size bars you'd like to produce. North Country lines theirs with plastic wrap, I use plastic grocery bags (reduce, reuse, recycle, don't you know) but either one will keep your soap from sticking to the wooden mold.

For a small investment in lumber, you'll reap huge rewards when you use your completely customized wooden soap molds, made by you.


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