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wine rackLifehacker pointed us to this mailing tube wine rack project. If you need a place to store your wine bottles, but aren't going to shell out for a classic wine rack, then this weekend project solves your storage issue and appeals to your DIY personality. All you need is some cardboard mailing tubes. You can find these at any office supply or postal store. You might want to paint them, or line the insides with patterned paper. The natural look is appealing too, so choose what compliments your style and space. The result is really attractive and doesn't take up much room.

This project isn't for the wine drinkers who carefully consider the temperature, humidity and vibration control of their at-home cellar. This is for the rest of us, who have wine on hand, but keep it up in the cupboard. This is for those of you who would enjoy taking on a little project and displaying your wine in a creative way. It is however recommended that you don't store wine in direct sunlight or any place where the temperature will fluctuate too much. The bottom of a bookshelf away from a window should work just right.

How do you store wine at home? Share your wine rack hacks in the comments.



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