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Wilderness survival tip - purify dirty water

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One of the biggest risks of being stuck out in the wilderness is being without water. Water is simply necessary. What if all you could find was a dirty mud puddle? Would you know how to turn that filthy water into safe drinking water? This MacGyver style DIY tip shows you how to purify water when you're stuck in the wilderness.

What you need

  1. Empty plastic bottle
  2. String
  3. Match(es)
  4. Wood (or other combustible material - a shoe might do)

What to do

  1. Collect the dirty water in the bottle
  2. Tie a string around the bottle
  3. Build a fire
  4. Holding the bottle by the string, put it directly over the flames
  5. Let the water boil
  6. Drink the water once it has cooled down


  • Tim

    At least filter the water through your shirt first to get rid of the big pieces.

  • Terri

    You can also collect water from the ground (in severe cases) by using a plastic bag, such as a garbage bag, digging a hole in the ground, and leaving the bag over the hole securely overnight to collect moisture. Again, this is only in severe cases.

  • Kim

    Regarding heating the plastic bottle over the flames...wouldn't it melt?

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