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Crochet Me Beta: CraftyInternets 2.0

Filed Under: knitting and crochet

I never checked out Crochet Me before it launched its new beta edition (hell, I don't even crochet) but I'm very impressed by the new design. The site takes the online crafting concept well beyond the typical Craftster-style forums and discussion threads.

Members can upload their own patterns and crochet tips by filling out a form and uploading a photograph. Users can then browse through, or search for uploaded patterns, all of which are neatly categorized. If you've ever tried to search Craftster to find a pattern or tutorial, you know what a godsend this is (don't worry Craftster, I still love you).

Like I said, the site is still in beta, but I'm guessing this is gonna catch on quick. It almost (but only almost) makes me want to add crochet to my list of crafty endeavors I never have time for.

[Via Craft Magazine]


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