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Back when I was regularly paying $20 for a large box of Tide, I'd grumble to myself that there must be a better way. And there is! When I switched my baby from disposables to cloth diapers, I had to do a lot of research on how to get them diapies clean without leaving any residue. Along the way, I discovered there are lots of super-affordable and eco-friendly alternatives to get your laundry clean.

My fav discovery so far is this detergent "recipe", spotted on the website for Sunshine Diapers, a Florida-based cloth diapering supply company run by a work-at-home mom.

To make your own detergent, simply combine one to three tablespoons of washing soda with half a tablespoon (about four squirts) of Simple Green cleaning fluid. Warning: you add these ingredients to a top-loading machine as the washer fills with water, or the whole thing will gunk up. Check out the Sunshine Diapers Cloth Diaper University to find out more about eco-friendly, residue-free laundering.

Note also that you need to use washing soda, not baking soda. Apparently not many stores sell washing soda, so that's the only snag. One day when I can locate some I am going to try this for myself. In the meantime, I'm using Charlie's Soap and loving it. It is environmentally friendly, very affordable, and leaves no residue.



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