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vacuumYour vacuum works hard, picking up crushed fishy crackers from under the couch, sawdust shavings from your latest DIY endeavor, and everyday particles of dust and dirt that find their home in yours. With a little love, you can keep your vacuum working stronger and longer. It doesn't take much, just a bit of consistent maintenance.

This article about how to maintain your vacuum cleaner takes you through the steps of proper at home vacuum cleaner maintenance. Check it out for in-depth instructions and instructional pictures. Here is my summary of their main points and the most important things to keep on top of:

  1. Check the bag often
    The machine works harder with a fuller bag, and this eventually does shorten the life of your vacuum cleaner. The bag should have a line indicating when it needs to be change. Replace any bag that is 1/3 - 2/3 full, making sure you are using the right bag for your machine. If yours doesn't have a bag, empty the bin often.
  2. Clean the brush roll
    This can fill up quickly, particularly with hair. Remove the brush roll and cut through the buildup. It should pull off easily. They recommend a seam ripper for finer hairs and string that might be caught.
  3. Clean and lubricate the bearings on the brush roll
    Unscrew the caps and remove the bearings. Clean them well, and add lubrication if needed.
  4. Check the belt
    Belts will need to be replaced every 6 months to 1 year, depending on how much the vacuum is used. Compare your belt to a new one to check its quality. It should be tight, without worn spots, cracks or unevenness.
  5. Replace the filter
    Some have disposable filters that will need to be replaced, while others come out for a good cleaning. Either way, check it often, and rid the debris.
There are so many different types of vacuums, these tips simply outline some key pieces of a typical machine. Most importantly, become familiar with your vacuum cleaner manual. With a good understanding of your machine, its mechanics and maintenance needs, you'll know just how to keep it running strong and extend its life with proper care.



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