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Build a Workbench for $20

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Learn how to build a simple, durable workbench to last for years.

old workbenchIf you've had the same workbench for years, it's probably well used, and ready for replacement. It can be hard to decide what you need, and even harder to justify a big price tag. Ultimately, you want something sturdy and inexpensive. If that appeals to you, then try making your own for about $20.

Here are the plans for a simple workbench. It looks quite simple, and you might even have some of the materials on hand, reducing your cost even further. Here are the tools and materials that are listed for this project:

  • Circular Saw
  • Cordless Drill/Driver
  • Hammer, Tape Measure
  • 4' Level or Chalk Line
  • Jig Saw (or Hand Saw)
  • Power Miter Saw (optional)
  • Lumber, 2x4x8', (Qty: 5)
  • OSB, About ½ Sheet
  • Deck Screws, 3", 1-5/8"
The full plans are exceptionally detailed with pictures accompanying the instructions. I particularly like the bottom shelf. This could be a great way to gain a bit of storage. You might add rolling (locking of course!) casters so that you get even more flexibility out of this sturdy bench.


  • Ernie

    The only thing I would add is 2x4 cross members about ever 8" at the top of the frame. When the top plywood or OSB is added, it won't bend or possibley break. The top plywood is screwed to the cross members. This also makes for less vibration and easier to add a vise if wanted.

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