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How to make a Teddy Bear

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handmade Teddy BearM.E. Williams taught us how to knit Harry Bear and I've written before about re-stuffing a tired and worn teddy bear. I guess we're not satisfied with the mounds of stuffed animals we have under beds and packed away in closets. It doesn't matter how many you or your children keep around there is always one or two that get that special spot on the bed and stick around far longer than the others. It is quite rare to have a Teddy Bear that was hand crafted just for them.

This adorable teddy bear pattern is available free by Denise Ilmanen. She enlarged this particular pattern by 225% and printed it out. Here are the instructions on making a bear, complete with pictures so that you can check your work along the way. These instructions will work with any pattern that involves a number of pieces.

I love this bear's long arms and floppy look. You can just imagine a child falling in love with this bear. You can use any fabric, but you'll want something relatively sturdy. I would suggest using pieces from a worn out cuddle blanket, or one of your child's baby sleepers. If you're making it as a gift, ask the parents if there is any special fabric that they'd like included. This is a fun way to add a bit more sentimental value to an otherwise regular Teddy Bear.



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