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undiesSometimes motivating a toddler to make the leap to "big kid" underpants is a daunting task. And, as we have found in our family, if your kids don't watch all that much television, the choice of undies is not very exciting.

So if your kiddo isn't into all the character pants, why not create your own super-cool undies?

Get yourself some plain white toddler boys' briefs or toddler girls' panties and some fabric paint pens. You can let your toddler freestyle with these and create some funky designs all his own.

If your toddler loves trucks, butterflies, animals or has other favorite things, try getting some fabric paint, sponges and stencils at your local craft store. With guidance, your toddler will be able to stencil his favorite things onto the coolest undies ever to be created.

Get ready, because these self-created undies are sure to get your little man or lady to love his or her new status as "Big Kid Pants Wearer."


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