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I once read somewhere about every object having more than one use. In this day and age of reduce, reuse, recycle this concept is essential. One idea for turning an old, unused thing into a new amazing something is to turn an old army cot into a cool, hip coffee table. You will need:
  1. The above mentioned foldable army cot, available in many attics or on Ebay.
  2. Several 18x26 baking sheets.
  3. Sand paper or paint stripper.
  4. Paint.
  5. Creativity.
In the mentioned link the DIY-er painted every surface of the cot and baking sheets, the picture presents a cool finished product. For a more classic look, you could stain the cot legs. Or for a more modern look you could leave the baking sheets with a metal finish or even go for a different colored metal finish.

If you are more interested in a country sort of feel you could stencil the canvas of the cot and even stencil the baking sheets. the possibilities are practically endless with this project. In any case you will end up with a cool, environmentally friendly project that is sure to be the envy of all your friends.



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