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I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not an NFL fan. I don't know a first down from a down comforter. Nonetheless, I'm very impressed with the NFL Meets Cascade 220 Yarn List put together by Holly Bee at Knit with Snot for you.

For those of you unfortunate enough not to know, Cascade 220 is one of the best basic knitting yarns out there. It's affordable (usually under $7 a skein); comes in huge hanks (220 yards to be exact); and it comes in a kajillion colors. Okay, maybe not a kajillion, but there are literally over 100 shades.

This wide array of hues means that it's possible to get the perfect shades to knit a sweater or scarf in the colors of your favorite team. Holly Bee's just made this project a little bit easier for you by creating a list that matches Cascade 220 colors to those of your favorite NFL teams.

For example, the Philadelphia Eagle's Cascade 220 colors are Midnight Green (8267), Black (8555), Charcoal, Silver and White (I had to use them as an example so my friend H. won't kill me for daring to mention the name of any other team. Ever.)

If you're looking for kindred spirits, join the Football-a-long, a knit-along for NFL-loving knitters.

  • Holly Bee

    Thank you so much for posting my NFl meets Cascasde 220 Yarn list! It was hard work, almost made me blind in one eye, but was also a lot of fun!

    Happy Knitting and football gift making!!!

    Holly Bee

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