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DIY toys that talk

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Making Things Talk - O'ReilyThere is something special about toys that talk. I guess the whole idea of personifying a toy is exciting to many of us. Your fascination probably started with that doll that could be programmed to say your name, or your talking remote control car. If you're like me, the fascination probably didn't go away. This new book is sure to get you excited.

Making things talk by Oriel, publisher of MAKE magazine, is a book lots of DIY'ers can't wait to get their hands on. It's full of DIY projects for making toys that talk. I'm sold! I agree with Daniel Terdiman, in Making Things Talk - DIY projects that communicate, most of these projects are probably beyond me.

I'm sure that many of you readers are far more experienced with this sort of project than I am. How many of you are ordering the book? We'd love to hear about the projects you tackle and the cool talking toys you create.



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